Google search freezes if signed in with google account

Since some days, i can not search within google, if signed in into google every search freezes in Brave.
Can not enter Search, can not click on search result for about 10seks, then i can click and it freezes again.
Updated to Brave 3.8.1, Brave Shields are off.
No Problem with other Browsers, no Problem if not signed into google, no prob if using incognito windows. Brave Search works also.

It sounds like something is interfering with Google’s attempt to aggregate your searches into your behavior/preference profile.

When you say the problem occurs when shields are off but not when using incognito, do you mean you sign into Google in a normal window but search in a private window? Or do you mean you sign into Google in a private window and also search in that same private window?

Do you have any extensions enabled?

What are your settings under brave://settings/cookies?

Thx4 fast answer, i’ve some extension, now i’ve tried every extension and , crazy, it is the [ciuvo]
addon. (german version), if disabled, google works again

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