Google Search Ads Delayed Loading Time

When I’m searching on I constantly find that the Google search ads will load around 1 or 2 seconds after the organic results are displayed. This causes the results to be pushed down just as I go to click the link I’m interested in. It’s really infuriating!

I can’t find any information about this anywhere I think it’s Brave Browser issue as I’ve tested this In Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge and it all loads at the same time.

I’m running Windows 10 Business 64 bit 10.0.18363 and Brave Browser [Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

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Would you be willing to share a short screen recording of the described behavior so I can get a better idea of what you’re experiencing?

Hi, yeah of course happy to. I can’t upload as I’m a new user but I’ve uploaded it into my Google drive and here is the link:

Let me know if you have any issues downloading it. I’ve done a few searches that I thought would show lots of ads for you, you should be able to see what I mean. The paid ads at the top load 1-2 seconds after the organic results.

Can’t seem to replicate this via other browsers and as you can imagine it’s really frustrating as I’ll go to click the result I’m interested in and then end up clicking one of the ads!

Let me know what you think and thanks for the quick reply.

Hey @Mattches, just wanted to make sure you could download that video successfully?

I did, thank you for providing it.
So the behavior you’re seeing is a side-effect of the way in which the browser checks first/third party ads:
Out the gate, the browse assumes that all ads are third-party and they are subsequently blocked. Then, a second check is run for ads that look like they are first party, and those are then “unhidden” and displayed.

The Ads you’re seeing on the Google search results page are indeed first-party ads, and the delay is due to the implementation described above. I believe we’re working on limiting this delay (as well as implementing more aggressive ad blocking so that these ads can be blocked regardless).

We appreciate your patience until then. Does this answer your question?


@Mattches thank you for the explanation, it’s great to understand why it’s happening.

For me it’s a show stopper I’m afraid. I would implement an ad blocker but I need these ads as part of my work, although I suppose I can switch the ad blocker on and off.

Do you have a road map for these changes or any time-frame for implementation?

I appreciate your time on this.

A couple things here:

  1. The way Shields works is by allowing users to set site-level protections as well as default (browser-wide) Shields settings. Site-level Shields changes will persist through your browsing sessions. So if you go to, open the Shields panel, and change the Cross-site trackers setting to Off and let the page reload. You’ll now see those ads at the top of the page each time. More information on Shields on our Help Center.
  2. We have the option for more aggressive or more forgiving ad-blocking shipped into Brave Nightly builds already – it will make its way down the release pipeline and should hit stable soon.

Amazing, that works a treat for now. Thank you :slight_smile:

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