Google products suddenly uncooperative with Brave Shields Up?

I’ve been using Brave for several months with little issue. My organization uses Google products extensively and I haven’t had many problems other than a few very minor functional issues with spreadsheets etc.

Suddenly today, it seems Google may have made some changes that specificially interfere with using Shields Up on thier products.

If I go to Google Drive, I get a message saying “You are not signed in
You are signed out. Sign back in, then click ‘Retry’.” - Clicking the “Sign Back In” link just refreshes the error message and does not lead to a login option - Besides the fact that I’m not signed out in the first place. I can access specific documents and other account products.

Gmail has a message saying that my POP email account is having authentication issues and that I need to sign back in, and all my signature images are broken images.

All of this is fixed if I toggle to “Shields down” in Brave.
The weirdest part is that the Shields menu reports that there are 0 blocking of anything when activated.

I realize that this is all very likely an issue with Google changing things and probably not Brave malfunctioning, but I’m sure contacting Google support will not be helpful. :smile:
I just wanted to know if anyone else has this problem or if anyone has any input…
(except for “Stop using Google products.” or other like comments. I don’t need that sort of thing, thanks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Thanks for reaching out.

Have you tried clearing your cache/site data for your Google account(s)? This may solve the issue you’re encountering. Visit,, and any other associated apps, click the “lock” icon in the address bar, then Site settings --> Clear data.

Note that you’ll have to log back into the sites you’ve done this on but when you do the messages you’re seeing should not appear again.

Wow! What a fast response :stuck_out_tongue: - I’ll try that and report back, thanks!

Unfortunately, that does not seem to have worked. Thanks for the suggestion though.
I still have the issue, unless I disable Shields in Brave.

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Thank you for testing – Going to try a few things on my end and see if I can get more information on this. Appreciate your patience.

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Another symptom: does not load with Shields up. Disabling shields does fix it.

I find it really strange that Brave is not even reporting blocking any scripts or anything either. Its almost as if Google is sensing that Shields Up is on and pre-emptively just not loading anything.

Maybe try loading an extension or two, like Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin when dealing with Google sites?