Google News search results Time range not working with Brave Web browser on smartphone

I have issues with Google news search results Time Range sort option not working with my Brave web browser on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. The steps I took included clearing history and cache from the browser and factory resetting the browser. After factory resetting the browser, the problem seemed to be briefly solved. When I re-applied my Brave browser sync settings between my smartphone and desktop PC the problem occurred again. I re-applied the default sync settings on the browser on my smartphone and that did not fix the problem either. I later tried Microsoft Edge on my smartphone and the Time Range sort problem seemed to be fixed. I also checked for Brave browser updates on the Google Play Store on my smartphone. I like to set my news search results to specific time ranges to avoid excess news results. I suspect that the problem may either be on Google’s end, the Brave browser developer’s end, or both service’s ends due to some compatibility or coding issue. I have also contacted the Google Community about this issue and would appreciate it if either or both services can fix this problem so I can use the Google News search results features properly on the Brave web browser on my smartphone.

Thank you.

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