Google Meet calls sometime freeze and you have to re-join, then OK

Description of the issue:

It happened 3 times already: while having a Google Meet video call, my video and audio would get stuck at some point. Exiting the call and clicking “re-join” solves the issue with smooth audio and video. Is it shields?

Not a network issue in my opinion, otherwise re-joining would achieve the same results.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Join a call with Google Meet
  2. Wait people to join, entering the meeting
  3. Start the call, video enabled, then after some random time, other people wouldn’t see or hear me anymore
  4. Exit the call and click re-join
  5. Calls runs fine again

Expected result:

Not having to exit the call and click re-join, maintaining a pleasant video and audio experience.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.64.113 Chromium: 123.0.6312.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

No performance / lag issues reported by Google Meet’s in-call troubleshooting diagnostics when this happens (ping is low, no warnings, etc)

Happened on calls with 1 person or say 2 people besides me.

I did have 4 extensions installed:

  1. Bulk URL Opener
  2. Hreflang Tag Checker
  3. Web Developer
  4. Loom

And i just uninstalled Loom, as i thought it can interfere with video capture, etc - read extension can affect this.

For my shields settings for i have:

  • Aggressively Block Trackers & Ads
  • Block Fingerprinting
  • Block Cross-Site Cookies

Perhaps i need to run Google Meet calls with shields completely disabled?

I’ve changed “Aggressively Block Fingerprinting” to “Block Fingerprinting” for google sites, like google doc, as that had an issue with how cells are displayed, seems OK.

I must say that on a number of video calls, i did’t have any issues and it was perfect, but this definitely happened a number of times as well which is quite annoying, especially on work video calls. “sorry video hung, let me re-join”, and you totally miss what you were saying, or if you’re on an interview, this is pretty annoying, etc.

I’ve just tested with a video call from my PC to my phone (although same network) and ran fine for 30m.

thank you,

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