Google Maps - Macbook Touch Pad Gesture Zoom in/out


Brave Version: 0.19.49
Macbook Pro: 15inch Early 2011
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.11.5 “El Cap”

When I’m using Google Maps with Brave, I try zooming in and out of the map but instead of actually pulling in or out of the map, it is initiating the View Menu commands “Zoom in” or “Zoom out” which is only making the actually web page larger or smaller.
I feel like this issue has probably been addressed but I’m not getting the expected action and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or feedback.



hi, that issue will be investigated next week. best,


Hello Suguru,

I was wondering if you know what the Brave group has figured out about this.
Thanks in advance for any info.

Have a good one.


If you use the touchpad of your laptop press and hold the right button and move your finger through the scroll bar on your touchpad. If you use MacBook like iMac or Mac Pro with an “ordinary” keyboard and a mouse with a mouse wheel, simply press and hold the [control] key, then scroll the mouse wheel up and down. Apple ID Support Number is a good site know about these features.