Google Maps can't find my precise location

For over 2 years now, when ever I open Google Maps in Firefox or Chrome then click the Location icon, it correctly finds my location but in Brave, it fails with the message that it can’t find my precise location.

I’ve turned off then on Location History plus I cleared the data. I recently removed all extensions and reset my browser.

Version 1.37.111 Chromium: 100.0.4896.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My first guess is it might have something to do with your ISP connection.

Does it work with other browsers?

I mentioned that it works fine in Firefox and chrome; My ISP is fine.

google cant find you… and this is a bad thing?

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Do you give permission for Brave to access you location?

Try to check your permission:

  1. Go to Brave settings.
  2. Find “site settings”.
  3. Check the “Location” status.

It’s a bad thing when you can’t access features that you want to use.

I have already allowed sites to see my location. is allowed.

Ouh I see… I tried to test my location. It seems find to me. Google can detect my current location. See picture below:

Site Permission

Maybe try to check your Windows GPS settings? Does it enabled?

I had trouble identifying which apps/webpage you were showing. I’m using Windows 10 and I’ve taken show screenshots to show that Google Maps has location access, and that Windows is allowing location access.


Try this…

@Herrvader He said he tried it already. He even resetting the browser.:person_shrugging:t2: