Google login prompt while browsing random website

Hey guys.

I am new to brave and while browsing the web ( a google login prompt shows up:


are this trackers or how does this work? shields are on, shouldn’t brave prevent this kind of behavior? I logged in to google drive and google mail some days ago, but i never intentionally shared any account information with i was just browsing by.

here are my shield settings:

I know it would be very naive to think that everything can be magically be blocked, i just try to understand whats happening here and what i could do to prevent this in the future. Its really getting annoying that big tech is always nosing around even when you actively trying to avoid it.

thanks in advance to who ever might shed a light on this :slight_smile:

Can you please go to Settings —> Social media blocking and ensure that the Allow Google login[...] option is toggled “off” and see if the prompt still appears?

i knew i am missing something.

thank you and sorry. i should have seen that. :clown_face:


No worries — glad that did the trick!