Google login popups

Is there a way to stop the google login popups on desktop?

I have had Brave for a few years now and I thought I heard something about this being a feature now but I can’t find it so I might have invented it lol.

Anyone know?

Hello @ukheather

Thank you for reaching out and we’re happy to assist you. Please go to settings an search Allow use of third-party cookies for legacy Google Sign-In and Use Google services for push messaging and disable both options at last relaunch the browser.

Let us know if that helps!

Which google login popups? We’re blocking them by default @ukheather

Any sites we’re missing with google login popups do post

Hi again! @ukheather

I wanted to know if the issue was solved?

Have a great day!

I’ve got the same problem on mobile for iphone. Recently the Google sign in prompt shows up but fades away after a second or less on many sites. This has happened only in the last few weeks or so and I don’t see a way to disable it.

Slickdeals, redfin, Zillow.

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