Google Keep Application Cannot Sign In


Please note, I’m not speaking about the Extension itself, but the app version of Google Keep instead. While it is possible to add it to Brave, you cannot sign into it, the error it gives is:

This site can’t be reached no-thanks.invalid’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.
DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE (DNS is definitely not an issue on the machine in question)

I’m guessing this may be a limitation due to being built upon Chromium rather than official Chrome, but I was just wondering in case it could be made compatible.

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Can you share a screenshot of the screen displayed? I’m able to log into Google Keep without issue. If you’re trying to use the extension and it won’t log you in, try going to Settings --> Brave Shields Defaults and set the Cookie control setting to Allow all cookies and see if this resolves the issue. I imagine it’s due to this:



That’s what it looks like, and I did just change the default cookie blocking to allow all, but it’s the same behavior.



Got it and I can reproduce the issue. Looking further into this now, will let you know when I know more.



Also getting this, the app loads but I get this message:

Even though I’m signed into the web version, gmail, etc and all google services elsewhere.

I’ve also tried changing the Brave Shield defaults to Allow All Cookies, and have manually added a bunch of google subdomains (,…) to the Always Allowed section in cookies settings. On Brave Beta 0.57.6 if it helps.



Agreed, what @jdally987 is seeing is what I get now as well. Slightly different from before.



@jdally987, please double check to make sure you’re posting in the right topics (You should move this topic from Developer Builds --> Beta Builds).

I actually expected to get the same result, as I thought that perhaps Keep would be looking for in-browser login credentials which would be causing the issue with authentication. To my surprise however, I downloaded Keep and was already signed in. Furthermore, this worked with default Shields settings for me, so I didn’t have to turn anything off.

Do either of you (@Nemisor, @jdally987) see your profile picture on the top right?



I can only access the installed apps by entering brave://apps now, but if I click on Keep there, it will come up with the exact same error @jdally987 is seeing, and does not display what you see in your screencap… even the official Keep app in Chrome does not show those additional details. See below:

In fact, I am certain what you are seeing is the result of going to, which is not the same as the app version.



You’re absolutely right! My bad - I’ve never actually used GKeep before.
After installing and attempting to save content to Keep, it asked me to login in order to save I’m unable to do so.
Let me reach out to the team and see if I can find someone who can assist. Appreciate your patience.



Any update on this? I am experience similar issue. Keep extension is asking to sign in, but after clicking on the sign-in button nothing happens



Not quite - We’ve made updates to the browser so that many extensions that weren’t functioning properly now do. Google Keep, however, is not one of them.

I imagine that (at this point) this has to do with Keep’s authentication method. It uses Google’s “Sync” method to save an organize Keep data to your Google profile. Since Brave obviously doesn’t allow you to sign-in to the browser in this way, Sync encounters an authentication error.

@krul Thanks for reminding me about this. I’ll ask around and see what measure we can take for extensions like this.



Seems to still be an issue in Brave Version 0.60.47 for the Mac…

Any new developments on this one?

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Unfortunately no - although it should have been fixed along with one of our bigger updates a while back that resolved a lot of extension issues. Would you mind telling me what OS you’re using and if the console window in Dev Tools shows any output ?

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I am getting the exact same thing. I am using windows 10. on the latest Brave build.


The keep extension is something that I had literally imagined having for years before google produced it. Would be very nice to have it on brave. Although if I had to pick between the two I would take Brave, but hopefully we can have both :slight_smile:

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Same issue. I think it is because Google Keep links with the Google Profile on the Chrome browser which the Brave Chromium browser doesn’t have access to.



Issue logged for this here: