Google Hangouts phone calling from GMail not working after last update


I’ve been using the Google Hangouts addon in Gmail to make phone calls directly from within Gmail. It was working normally before but hasn’t worked since the last Brave browser update. Instead it displays this message: “Call phones feature is not available” I tried reinstalling the hangouts plugin with no success. The phone calling still works in other browsers. I use this frequently to make calls from my computer, so it would be important to get it working so I can keep Brave as my main browser.

Thanks for your help!



Hi @philippe,

Are Allow All Cookies under Cookie Control via lion icon in top-right can solve the issue?


Also on facebook video chat it fails to work, reinstalled drivers etc and no change. Everything worked in chrome though.
Could this be due to script blocking?


Hi @eljuno, thanks for that suggestion, it solved the issue! I appreciate it.


Thanks for confirming @philippe . Will note the team for it. :slight_smile:

@Tonydid2 I’m sorry for late reply. If you enable script blocking or fingerprinting protection, maybe that’s the cause. Try to disable it via lion-icon and see if that can solve your issue. :slight_smile:

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