Google Hangouts not working at all



I am unable to send any messages over Google Hangouts.

Sending messages always times out, and when checking the message history through another browser, the message is not sent at all.

Receiving messages works fine, and when I send a message through another browser (or an app on my phone) it shows up in the message history in browser.


Can you try enabling 3rd party cookies for Google Hangout and see if it fixes the issue?


Thanks. This issue was in fact caused by not having 3rd party cookies enabled…

Don’t see how, because I don’t feel like google would put 3rd party cookies into their own app, and I have literally no idea what do cookies have to do with sending messages (remember, receiving was fine) but yeah…

Oh well, thanks again.


Google apps does require 3rd party cookies to be set. For example if you need to download files from your Gdrive you need to enable 3rd party cookies else the download fails. (more ingo here Steps to download files from Google Drive).

Glad the issue is resolved. Will be closing the thread. Please open a new thread if you face any other issues

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