Google Encrypted and Stop Country Redirection and Geolocation


So one of the things that annoy me the most is that every single time you use an IP address from a foreign country or you’re traveling somewhere they immediately force you to load a country-specific version of a website, sometimes even forcing you to read in their local language, and no one seems to understand that just because you’re in a certain country doesn’t mean you speak the local official language, specially if your computer locale your browser is in english then likely you don’t speak their language.

Google also does that, now on chrome i use the search add-on but it doesn’t seem to be available on Brave yet, i’m trying to switch to duckduckgo as well trying to move away from google but google is still the best search engine in many ways, so i would like to request the google encrypted addon/search engine which doesn’t redirect to any country specific version and in theory should improve security being ‘encrypted’ (not sure how that works after all isn’t google https already)

Additionally I would also say that if there was a way to introduce a VPN browsing system to brave (perhaps v6 tunnels idk) a way to browse from a specific country or load a website from a specific country and so really just ‘reload from the uk’ or ‘load this page from the us’ or even like a geolocated session just like a private browsing you can have a window/session and set that session to a different country.

So I wanna say I’m pretty excited about brave, i’ve been using for literally 1h now and it’s been the best browser i’ve ever used in my life even from the netscape days this is so quick i can’t even describe how good the browsing experience is I used everything from IE on windows 98 to safari netscape opera firefox chrome chromium and this is just perfection honestly i haven’t found a single problem yet and i shared you page on facebook i will be sharing this with everyone get some social media attention to this project and i’m also a website owner and i’m really happy to see you guys are supporting both sides this is amazing (sorry if this bit doesn’t belong here).


@DashTesla Hi, I just wanted to recommend something you might be interested in that is on par with - it sounds like something you’d prefer if you read the square bubble I took a screenshot of in you can change a few things to your preference in settings and obfuscate it as well.

I also wanted to to provided a link of something else you might have been in search for and soon to be considered, apparently just after v1.0 VPN / Proxy Extensions better integrated in Brave

Let us know what you think and if you’ve tested any of those before.