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I’m trying to copy content from an exisiting Google Doc and I was shown this prompt:

08 PM

I’m not sure what options you have to support the Google Drive Web App, but I hope there is some way to allow copy/paste access in Google Docs. Seems so simple, but know there’s more to it.



6 months later and still no solution? A serious limitation of the Brave browser.


Hi @onduhray @MarkM,

I;m sorry for very late response. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V should work for workaround. There’s some old code in Google Docs that prevents right-click copy/paste, unless you have the Docs extension installed AFAIK.



Thank you for this quick response! I just tried Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V and it worked, and really, that should be fine for me. I really thought I’d tried it before without success, but maybe not. You don’t need to reply to this, but I also couldn’t find or figure out how to install a Docs extension. Looks like I don’t need it anyway.
All the best to you as well.

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