Google Drive isn't recognizing that my cookies *are* enabled

I had to reset the browser pursuant to troubleshooting an issue with a financial institution’s website.

Since then I can’t log in to Google Drive. It thinks my cookies are disabled even though the setting says they’re enabled.

How can I troubleshoot this?



Mac OS High Sierra (13.9.5)
Brave (Dev) Version 0.55.2 Chromium: 70.0.3528.4 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

Looks like you’re running an outdated version. Can you go to your “About Brave” page so the browser will check/install updates to the most recent release? Should be:

  • v0.56.15 for Release build

  • v0.57.8 for Beta Build

  • v0.58.9 for Developer build

Thanks. Looks like it’s actually v. 0.58.10 (Dev). (I thought the Release version had been discontinued?)

I somehow managed to get GDrive working, though the website problem I referred to (with fin’l institution) persists. It doesn’t occur in Chrome.

(Suggestion: remind users to preserve tabs in Incognito windows, if desired, before relaunching. Sleep-deprived users are liable to forget to.)

If the issue persisted, how were you able to work around it and authenticate?

There were two different issues. After I relaunched I kept seeing what I included in the screenshot, which prevented me from logging in to GDrive. When I returned to the GDrive screen later (well after I’d posted about it – I was using Chrome in the meantime) that ‘error’ message no longer appeared & I had no trouble logging in.

The issue that’s persisted is the one I referred to with the financial website. The relaunch didn’t alter that. Until that gets figured out I have to use Chrome to access that website. (The ‘issue’ concerns only the message editor, not any transactions, etc.)

Im going to leave this thread open but will you open a new one with the details with the financial website if you havent already?

The deed has been done.

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