Google Drive - Bug opening files on Google Docs


Hello Guys,

I’m newbie here and not found about this. I think it’s a bug.
When I try to open a file (i.e. DOCX) using Google Drive and choosing Open with > Google Docs, Brave cannot make it works.
After more than 5 minutes tab continues loading and nothing happens (only a white screen loading nothing)

I try it in normal, private, new session tab and tried to enable all third part cookies: same results.

If it should help I’m using:
Brave: 0.14.1
rev: 3de60d5
MAC OS Sierra 10.12.4



Could you try allowing 3rd party cookies from the shields menu and check if it loads? Clcik on the lion head on the top right corner and select Allow all cookies. Page will refresh and then check if you can load the document.



I tried this, same result (loanding and white screen):

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