Google Drive: Brave an old, soon unsupported version of Chrome

I’m using Brave browser in Fedora 35. I keep the OS within 1 version of the latest release and Brave the latest version available from the Fedora repos. The current version of Brave as reported by About Brave: v. 1.36.109. I also use Google Drive as my primary cloud file storage service. Lately, within a few months (?), Drive has been telling me:

You are using an old version of Chrome which will soon be unsupported.

Will Brave someday become unsupported by Google Drive? Or is this message a result of Brave being built on a version of Chrome that stays close to a current, supported version but always a step or two behind? Or something else?

I have been using Brave as my primary/only Browser on my Linux desktops and Android phone for over a year and am thankful for its capabilities and focus preserving its user’s privacy. I’d give up Drive before I gave up Brave. Thanks to the Brave team and the community for all you do.


@gregbrannon ,

I recently read(what might have been an article from two years ago), that Google is taking steps (in Chromium coding) to inhibit the ability – of Brave Software and other organizations that use the so-called “Open Source” Chromium browser – to offer certain functions that benefit such [effectively] Google Chrome competitors.

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