Google Docs not workling on Brave

no i dont have any Google Docs Extensions also

No google extensions here.

I was encountering the same thing as everyone else. I went to settings to mess with settings to see if I could change something. I turned off the setting for “Use hardware acceleration when available” and then when I click the button to “re-launch” the browser to push the setting change I am able to access the google sheet upon relaunch, but i cannot open any other google document…but if I load them up and then hit re-launch it loads fine…not sure how much this will help to identify the issue but i found it to be odd

I logged out, deleted all site data for *

I accessed a google Doc that doesn’t require login, got a different error this time.

Then I logged in to google again, and my files are still getting the 1st error shown here (“Unable to load file”). No google extensions installed.

Can y’all sign into the Google account using a Private window (Ctrl+Alt+N) and see if the issue still occurs?

I did some more setting changes and found that by turning off my Meta Mask browser extension then the issue is resolved. I have had weird conflicts with Meta Mask and the Brave wallet before. Not sure if that is the issue. If you have Meta Mask installed then try turning it off


Yup, disabling MetaMask fixed it for me. What a strange interaction between them. Or is it to check which users are into crypto :slight_smile:


omg thank you brother so much!!
Now it works when i turned off MetaMask wallet

issue is resolved for me i hope it resolves for everyone else!

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Damn Metamask! it worked with it turned off as well. But it will be a pain in the ass to work like that :joy:


Anyway for those with this issue, I’m not an expert here but you might want to try ditching Metamask completely and switching to Brave Wallet.

Can confirm, a culprit here is the MetaMask plugin - on macOS; Brave version: Version 1.42.86 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) (x86_64)
; running a private window; and google service websites work fine.

Of note, the pvt window also disabled the Phantom Wallet app - either may be culprit.

awesome! this tips really helpful, I was wondering why suddenly the sheets/docs not working, apparently it’s because of metamask

We’re working on the Metamask extension issue, should resolve this.


thank you! that was it.

Nice, tks. Please, let us know if they achieve solution.

I don’t want to turn off metamask to use google docs. If this continues, i’m gonna go back to Chrome, because it’s impossible to use to dif browsers at the same time…

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I am having the same issue. I saw that someone turned off brave wallet and that worked for me. Setttings - wallet - default cryptocurrency wallet - none

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Per this tweet:

…I have been able to retain the Metamask extension by adjusting Brave’s “Wallet” settings “Default cryptocurrency wallet” to “None” (on macOS)

Had same issue – works with private window (CTRL+ALT+N)

Sick of hearing people say “Turn off Metamask and covert to Brave Wallet” – thats not a fix, but rather a way to lose users.

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Hey i also had this error. I used metamask. Disabling Metamask fixed everything. Thanks to everyone!

Thanks all, we’ve just released a fix for this in the latest version -