Google Docs Never Works, Unlucky



Tried to use Google Docs, but it just never loads. I like this browser but I have to switch to Google Chrome every time I need to use Google Docs. Please fix this issue.


Have you tried enabling all cookies for the drive&docs services on Google?
Many services on Google are spread across multiple domains, and require the usage of not-really-3rd-party cookies (browser recognizes them as 3rd-party because of a different domain) for a multitude of reasons (access control being the main one)

To elaborate, I had a similar issue with the Google Hangouts service where I could read messages sent by me from other devices/browsers and received by me, but trying to send a message would result in a failure.


Hi @Supergino58,

To do what @golyalpha said is on google docs and google drive site, clicking your Brave icon at top right and set Cookie control to Allow all cookies. That’s per site shields settings and will not affect other sites.

Let’s try that first and see if it can help.

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