Google Docs Add-ons not loading in Brave Browser (Bad Request Error 400)


I have tried the following steps:

  • Disabled protection against third-party cookies in settings.
  • Turned off Brave Shields and added Google Docs to filters.
  • Reset browser settings (cleared cookies and cache).
  • Flushed DNS (ipconfig /flushdns).
  • Disabled extensions in the browser

Brave Version: 1.67.119

In Brave’s incognito mode, the Google Docs add-ons load without any issues.

Select All in options before Hard Refresh

Empty the cache storage

Delete cookies

Clear file systems

Clear indexed data

Clear local storage data

Clear plugin data

Clear service workers

Clear webSQL data

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I selected all options and then performed a hard reset, but unfortunately, the problem still persists.


Delete all Google
Exit Profile
Relaunch and Try Loading Add-ons again.

Also Try Removing Google Docs offline Extension if Installed.