Google doc clipboard issues

Google doc clipboards is not working (i cant cut or paste images… ctrl+x doesn’t perform the action of cutting image

turning shield off fixes the issue…

send me update when you fix shield issue, so i can turn it back on.


Hello @shdsoi

enable shield and try to change it setting

click on the shiled icon and make sure it show the advanced view then try one of the the folowing

  1. allow all cookies
  2. allow all fingerprint

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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before i try to turn off shields for the first time for this site …brave showed 4 items were blocked…

after i turn off shields… google doc site seem to work properly

but like you said, while i tried to activate and see if it makes any difference by turning shield back to on… it doesnt block anything and shows 0 items are blocked…


this seems to issue with shields … i should wait for update… thanks

thanks for the info

from the screen shot i see you use the agressive mode for the tracker which sometime make issue

maybe update to the shield componoet fixed the issue

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Fix incoming (give it 24-48hrs), just setting Trackers & Ads = Standard on google seems to fix it


yeah standard also seem to fix it, thanks

usually shield use to show number of trackers blocked while loading which would be 3 or 4
now its showing 0 no matter what…i will wait for update :+1:

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Updating Brave Ad Block Updater brave://components/, then refresh the page, now fixed @shdsoi

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Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.906

Status - Component not updated

is this latest update version ? it shows…update started for 1 seconds and immediately says component not found.


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