Google Cookies are Forever


I’m in a constant war of attrition against the surveillance economy and toward that end, among the many different browsers that I use, I try to block Google cookies.

I have Brave set to remove all cookies when I close it. This doesn’t work with Google, whose cookies often survive closing the browser.

I have cookies from set to be cleared on exit. This doesn’t work either.

Basically the only way to avoid google cookies seems to be to start each session removing all cookies.

Why is that?




It’s worth noting that this Clear on exit function comes stock with the Chromium engine and is not implemented by Brave directly. That feature is being worked on currently.

For the currently implemented feature to work, you’ll have to make sure you include the proper format, which for YT would look like https://[*.] - See this thread for more details:

Additionally, you may want to toggle on the Keep local data only until you quit browser option as well. This will erase some of the cookies that are stored locally (specifically) by google or others.

Let me knowhow if this works for you.


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