Google breaks into my phone and resets my settings daily

So for about a month now google/droid has been hacking into my phone several times a day. Pretty much since the first time i downloaded brave and used it. They will disguise themseleves as app icons like the camera icon or digital wellbeing or or android system webview or various other hidden system apps. Once even as gboard so they could spy into the brave app its self. Refusing to let me say yes to a contract on brave and ripping me out of the brave app. I can usually trigget a attack by disabling enough apps espically trusted agents and adminastrators. They will come online. I can usually catch them because things i recently turned off will start turning them selves back on. They will try to pin my screen so i cant scroll and harvest or delete my data, once that is done they will turn my phone off and when i try to use it again the phone will say no battery no matter how much i charge it. They have left me some messages like files of a retinal scanner device, state if the art eye tracker or something as if its almost some kind of weapon. A file hidden in my google drive titled nasty little bug that replicated itself any time i did anything. I can resist them by turning on my accessiblity settings and using those to navigate. Take pictures, record videos, send emails ect. I have laid traps for them and screen recorded a attack once and sent the videos just barely to dropboxes for safe keeping. Once i did that they backed off slightly. I dont think they like the evidence… i can use certain apps as a safe haven of sorts like theg cant enter amazon or brave because they would be discovered, cant pull me out or anything. Unless i would try to type and allow google board in my app… i dont know why they are harrasing me so hard. Im a no body that just wants a bit of privacy and turned off a few apps is how this all started and now im full on resisting them and telling them to piss off. They even access my cam because i have it covered anymore and a message will pop up on the lock screen saying i need to uncover those spots for “safefy” i have gotten messages about my mic being disabled too… im unsure what to do. I suffer from ptsd and stuff and this is not helping. Its caused issues with my gjrlfriend because iv become obssessed with catching them on recording… im afraid they could plant evidence or sonething… anyone else ever go through this before? Any advice? Any help is appreciated thank you.

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