Google and YouTube block Brave hard

I can confirm that this is still an issue as of right now. I was either getting the error above, or ads would just play when I refreshed. I cleared all browsing data, restarted Brave and got the same results. I confirmed this is happening on both Mac OS and Windows 11. Whatever Google has done, it’s bypassing Shields completely, or breaking them.

I cleared all my YouTube data and restarted Brave, and I’m no longer getting the error message, but now even with shields up, YouTube ads are still playing with the added annoyance that you can’t skip them. Only when I put the shields down that I can skip the ads after a certain amount of time.

Im using ublock, startpage privacy and ddg privacy with built in blocking and Im logged in and no problems. I use another browser for my work and it is having all the problems. Cant log into gmail - work or peronsal, and yt is worthless there. The one thing I am seeing more off each day is - yt is trying to (guessing here) stop the video Im watching to inject ads and its causing the entire thing to restart - to which I just reload the page and its right back where it was. Not happening like that everytime but quite often. YT is just aggressive on this now.

I just read in another forum though that blocking 3rd party cookies on yt causes issues.

We work with the uBO filter list authors, its effecting us like uBO.

Why some people see it, and others not. It may be different due to browser sessions/cookies, and its not completely rolling out to all users. Looking through /r/Firefox and /r/uBlockOrigin still many youtube ad reports

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