Google Ads still blocked on Shield Down (

Hi, I have enabled Shield Down for the website as I want to support the creator of this online photo editing tool. However, on the right tab where the ads are expected to appear, I see no ads appearing.

To test things out, I went over to firefox with uBlock origin and turned off uBlock origin for this website. As expected, after reloading the website, the ads appeared on the right tab.

I would really appreciate any help with this :slight_smile:

OS: Ubuntu 23.04
Brave Version: v1.52.130

@jerry789 I just tested on my Windows machine and had no issues. That said, I will tell you that website took much longer to fully load content than I’m used to. At least for the first time. Going back now it’s not as bad.

Can you explain:

  1. Are you turning off Shields completely or what are you changing when you say you enabled Shield Down? If it is orange at all, likeimage then it means you have Shields enabled. You want to make sure it looks likeimage. Also when you click on it, should show:


  1. Can you test in a private window? I’m wondering if you have any extensions or anything interfering. Maybe even try to clear cookies and site data for the site and try again.
  1. Yes, I am seeing the greyscale Brave icon.
  2. Testing in a private window made the ads worked, so I guess I will be using Photopea in a private window from now on to enable ads.

Thanks for the help Saoiray!

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