Google Account not verified in Brave Rewards

Hi! My Google Account in Brave Rewards is not yet verified. Can you help how to verify it? Thanks.

Hi @GerardJune, Welcome to Community!
When you say google account, are you referring to youtube? When did you add your account?

just started 2 days ago but my BAT is not increasing. When I view Brave Rewards it says “” not yet verified everytime I view Gmail or my google account. Same message if I view youtube and facebook.

Because Google – the owner of those domains – is not a Brave Verified Publishers.

See What exactly is a “verified” site? section in this FAQ

Ok. But why is my BAT is still at 0.1 compared to my wife who has now 1.0 BAC. I started 1 day earlier from her and I viewed the most compared to her. I thought unverified google, youtube, or facebook is the cause why my BAT is not increasing.

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