Google account login form - password autofill

I have multiple Google accounts.
When I’m logging with Brave, after choosing account, on input password field there is no autofill. In other browser is working. Image explains it better

is this expected behavior?.. does anybody else experiencing this?

Hi @wolf123, welcome to Community!

What version of Brave are you using?
Also, can you navigate to brave://settings/passwords, Do you have Offer to save passwords enabled? Do you have Auto Sign-in enabled? Do you have any entries in the Saved Passwords list?

Version 1.4.95
Offer to save passwords & Auto Sign-in enabled
yes, I have many passwords…
I need to click first in empty password field and then there is a list of passwords for different account
In other browsers, password field is auto populated

I took your issue up with the security team. It turns out this is done on purpose.


ok thanx
Can’t say I like this behavior, but I understand the reasons behind it