Google Account keep signing out

This issue has been going for months and I’m very frustrated. My google ( gmail accounts ) keep on signing out every time I restart browser, or sometime it stays logged in for a day or two but then again logout. I have re-installed windows, browser but this issue is still there. This is not the case with other browsers in my computer like Chrome, also not in phone either. I also have checked every settings like cookies and stuff, everything is default and normal. Please help, how to stay signed in until I sign out?

It may be that Brave is configured to delete this information when the browser is exited. Please check your configuration under brave://settings/content/siteData. You should see something like the following:

If this does not address your problem, it could be that an outside application is manipulating your profile directory for the Brave browser, deleting/manipulating files. If this is the case, we might expect to see other data impacted (e.g., bookmarks, restored tabs, download history, etc.).

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