Google 2FA push notifications time out immediately



The google 2FA authenticator times out immediately only on Brave. I have been able to log in with the push notification verification on Chrome no problem. I have not gone back and tried Firefox.

I originally believed this to be a google problem, and submitted the following description to the Google boards.

I have 2 step sign-in (2FA) and I can log in using the authenticator app, and have received codes by text without problems. The problem is that I receive a push notification every time before I can use one of those options and it does not work. I would prefer the push notification to work, as that is by far the most convenient.

The process unfolds as follows.

Enter my username
Enter my password
I receive a push notification and at the same time, my computer will tell me that the push notification has expired.
I click “receive a push notification” and the process unfolds as before, (e.g. push notification and simultaneous message that the notification has expired)
Log in following a different procedure works just fine.

What I have tried:

I thought the problem was that the time was not synced to my phone, or computer but they are exactly the same.
I also followed the time sync reset procedures for the app, but that changed nothing.
I have used Firefox, Chrome and Brave browser with no difference.
If the problem is syncing to google, there is no instructions for that.
Also, the push notification does not expire when logging in to “Backup and Sync” for Google Drive, but I cannot actually log in, and have to go to the browser.which replicates the problem.

I received feedback to clear the Chrome cache, and that worked. I have tried the same with Brave going so far as to clear everything but the BAT token data, all to no avail. It seems to be a problem with the time syncing, but clearly not on the machine, b/c it does not timeout on other browsers. Given that the problem was resolved with a cache clear on Chrome, I suspect that the problem is that has something to do with the cache.

BTW, this is similar to the following questions, but I have either been unable to reply, or the initial post was so poorly structured that I felt a better initial post with clearer information would be more helpful than trying to piggy-back on another post.


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