GoodTwitter extension not working in BRAVE

GoodTwitter forces Twitter back to its previous version.

However, so far it’s not working in BRAVE.

Also, I can load Twitter in an Incognito or TOR tab but for some reason it won’t load in a normal tab.

Is there a known reason why the extension (released for CHROME and FIREFOX) would not work in BRAVE?


Hi @mk7z,

What Brave version are you running? Does it work for you in Chrome?

I’m having issues with it in both Chrome and Brave atm.


Running BRAVE Dev . . . Version 0.67.72 Chromium: 75.0.3770.38 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

Haven’t tried GoodTwitter in CHROME (don’t really want to).

Here’s the developer’s troubleshooting webpage:

@steeven Since the other method of getting back to Good Twitter (via Directory) has been done in by Twitter, it’s possible they’ve also gone to town on the extension.

The developer is on vacation but said he would look into the issues with BRAVE when he’s back.

Let us know if you have any luck.


Quick update:

Good Twitter now seems to be working in Incognito Tabs.

Also seems to be working in standard window tabs.

So far NOT working in Incognito Tabs with TOR.


GoodTwitter works in regular or private windows (the latter if enabled in Settings).

It doesn’t work in private windows with TOR because TOR doesn’t support add-ons.

@steeven Are you still having problems getting GT to work in Brave & Chrome?

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