Good app needs good protection

(I have not been able to communicate directly)

Very good application.
I hope you take this issue seriously.
Because it is in my interest that it always works well, it should be protected integrated because it is in the interest of all of us its users.

The leftists look for work proving to be the best, and they take advantage very well of the recommendations for jobs among friends.
Just one of them gets in, he gains fame and status, then he recommends his leftist comrades. They pretend to be very good workers and honest; but they are a bunch of dishonest blackmailers. They kill or otherwise take away everything from those who oppose them (leftist politics).
Today I have been suffering from this scourge for many, many years. And I speak these things with a lot of experience.

Some time ago they cleverly forced Windows and other platforms to integrate trunk commands, in order to attack one or two devices.
Without those commands all computers would be attacked, just like viruses used to attack.

Windows and Android gave work to leftists, they forced these companies to change trunk commands. That’s when the single-user blackmails started. There are the single signature loans of 15000000 dollars. But then your computer no longer worked properly; then they no longer lend you money, you had better pay them to let you work on your own computer.
All this thanks to some trunk commands which Windows changed.
Windows was thus able to breathe; why computer viruses no longer attacked all over the world at the same time. I suppose that for Windows the computer viruses had disappeared; but not. Rather Windows and its other platforms like Android, without knowing it, helped hackers to make viruses more personalized, no longer global but unilateral.

they create viruses: they take over the keyboard to type Chinese characters, words already typed are deleted; files are also deleted, WiFi is disconnected; but it’s on.

Apps don’t work, and worse, Windows or Android are updated every instant from phantom servers.
(Please don’t give leftists a job).

There was a time when it would run Word and shut down at the same instant. That was when Windows had closed all its back doors. Then running Word and closing it would know doors.

Now there is no need to run a program and close it, because they have trunk commands which leftist employees inserted into the operating systems.

These commands help to create files even without a name, so that any programming that searches for files will never find them, because they have no name. I saw such a file on the DOS system in a row-by-row copy group.
Ali was advancing a file with no name and no extension.

He begged him not to give work to left-leaning people, a good psychologist is able to detect in only 15 seconds a leftist.
Use good psychologists.
That’s all, thank you.

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