Gone rewards and partial rewards

Hi there! This is Dwiptarun. I’m using Brave for primary browsing in my android for last 4 months . I have had 5.25/5.75 BAT in my wallet for the first two months rewards conglomerately. And moreover I’ve had wallet verified and uphold connected. Due to some ANR messages and banking app failure i have had to factory reset my phone and everything afterwards is doing so good now but recently i noticed after Brave installation all my rewards went back to 0(zero) there’s nothing. And after connecting back to uphold it is still zero(0). Why there’s no reward now? My first 2 months adsense just lost that way…This was the previous incident, and after that for the month of July and August i did receive a partial amount from my original gains. Haven’t got the previous rewards, and moreover next two months partial rewards are gone too. Please help.

Unfortunately there is no way to back up and restore rewards. They were lost when you reset your phone. You will also have to reconnect your wallet to Uphold, as Uphold sees it as a NEW device.

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