Going back to Firefox - maybe

Having used Firefox since it first became available I got fed up with the many recent upgrades which stop sites working and after trying other browsers decided that Brave would suit me. However a number of small issues combine to make it annoying to use.

  1. I am on Debian O/S and when I go to Brave I get “The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer” and I have to enter my password. I have scoured forums here, Debian, Linux, Ubuntu etc and cannot get this fixed.

  2. I use multiple search engines and Firefox provides a search box which enables me to quickly send the same query to 5 different search engines. Trying to replicate that in Brave is tedious and takes far too long. and I cannot add other search engines. A feature request maybe?

  3. I cannot see any way to have a toolbar with a variety of shortcuts. The sidebar is limited to just 4 items and only the settings tab is of interest to me.

Having said that, Brave has many good features and much better privacy (out of the box) so I will be reluctant to go back.