Goggles: Excluding specific subdirectories in all results

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I’m attempting to create a Goggle that discards all subdirectories named “Web3” in all search results. The existing description for the code is not clear in either the Readme or the live examples. (No instance of this code is found in any live examples).

How can I remove mentions of “Web3” in a URL or subdirectory? Will the following code do this successfully?


or do I need to enter this as an option for every URL included in the Goggle? (If so, that would be troubling.)

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I believe the syntax you have is wrong. When writing code to remove results with specific patterns in the URL the following syntax works for me:


But as for the $intitle, $indescription, $incontent, $inquery, and $intext commands I don’t believe any of them work yet as noted in the quick start guide.

! Another set of options can be used to indicate what you want your instruction
! to target. By default any instruction will apply to a URL, but we will add the
! ability to match other aspects of a page too, in the future:
! web3$inurl
! web3$intitle
! web3$indescription
! web3$incontent

Additionally, I should mention I don’t know where the “$discard” command would go for those target filters. I also agree that the current documents aren’t as clear as I wish they’d be! Hope this helps!

Thanks! Incredibly helpful. I hope they get the rest of the features live soon. Would be a search gamechanger to get rid of clickbait terms in headlines.