Goggles DSL Implementation

I’m really impressed with the new Goggles feature and believe it to be a very powerful tool to refine search results. I’ve currently working on a few right now and have published one for public use. I know Goggles are still new and not all intended features are working/implemented, but I have found two shortcomings that are hindering me from creating a more complex and refined Goggle.

This first is that I can’t specifically target the domain name when discarding websites, but rather the code looks for everything in the URL including the subdirectory. There are websites that I would like to discard that have specific wording that I would like to target, but I don’t want to remove dictionary results that also have the wording in their URL subdirectory.

For example, instead of individually discarding every website with the word “Hollywood” in its domain, I would like to be able to discard every website with that keyword in one line of code without the code also targeting the subdirectory in the URL. This way results from news outlets and dictionaries that have that same keyword in their subdirectory will remain.

Secondly, I am aware that when writing a Goggle it’s possible to have lines of code that conflict with one another. Although not intended, I understand people want their code/Goggle to work a certain way. In such cases I believe it would be nice to have a exception rule.

For example, if the code was:


there could be an exception that would apply to “example.abc” where they have a subdirectory of /posts/ (example.abc/posts/)–allowing for only those specific results to be boosted despite the website itself being downranked.

I hope my feedback helps improve this already powerful technology. And thank you for all the great innovation you’ve brought us, such as Brave Goggles–which I think have become one of my favorite features!