GoDaddy webmail will not proceed past the login page

When I try to log in to GoDaddy’s webmail service, it will not advance past the login page. Waiting up to 1 hour does not resolve the issue. This issue has been present for several months. It is 100% reproducible because it happens on every attempt. The URL is:

I have confirmed that my user name and password are correct by successfully logging in to this webmail using Internet Explorer and Edge, manually typing in the same login info during all attempts. I have confirmed that entering an incorrect password results in a different response, notifying me that the password is incorrect. While the web page is hung, hovering my mouse over the Sign In button changes the cursor display from a pointer to a red circle with a diagonal stripe across it. This problem is unique to Brave.
Here is a screen capture showing the hung login page:

This issue happens on Windows 7 and Windows 10, both up to date. This issue happens on 2 different Windows PC based laptops.

Brave 0.23.105, V8

I clicked the bookmark to the GoDaddy webmail URL listed above.
I entered my email address and password.
I clicked the “Sign In” button.
The progress spinner in the Sign In bar spins continuously.

Hi @Fireballs, sweet user name!
The behavior you’re seeing is due to Brave’s Shields (Block Ad/Tracking specifically) blocking an AJAX call. To address this, simply open your Shields panel (lion icon on the top right), and under Ad Control, click the drop down menu and select Allow Ads/Tracking. You should now be able to log in as expected. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, let me know and I’d be happy to continue troubleshooting the issue.

I have much the same issue. The first page ( does not display correctly and I can get no further even with shields down.

Did you attempt the workaround I suggested above?

Hello, As I go there often in CyberFox I had dropped the shields completely when I couldn’t get the page up. I just put them back up and selected allow ads and tracking which made no difference, the page still is not displaying. Also on I can’t get the login button to do anything even with shields down if this is related.

@Carrel, can you check to see if you have Strict Site Isolation enabled?
If so, go to Settings --> Security --> Strict Site Isolation and toggle the feature off. The browser should restart after taking this after. Try to log in again after restart and see if this resolves the issue. If not let me know and we can continue further troubleshooting.

That Strict Site Isolation is and was OFF. Just for the record I installed Brave yesterday and I have nothing else enabled other than the PDF reader. No flash or Google Widevine just Brave out of the box.
If it helps any here’s what the page looks like in Cyberfox and Brave.

@Carrel, can you tell me what your about:brave information is? I’m unable to produce the issue you’re seeing on my end and the site displays just fine (doesn’t look like the image you’re seeing) ?

Here’s a screen shot.

Try clearing your cache and ensure that here are no godaddy domains in your Shields --> Saved Site Exceptions section. Then try again.

The only thing there was OFF to both and I cleared them both and it doesn’t display correctly on and still won’t respond to “login.”

Here’s a bit of information, no one has asked what OS I’m running. I’m using MS7 Ultimate 64 bit. I switched over to a partition with MS 10 and loaded Brave there, Brave shows correctly and I can login to So the issue is with MS 7 and Brave.

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Well thats great news. I’ll make sure the appropriate teams get the information about Win7 forwarded.
Given that the issue is resolved I’m going to close this topic. Additionally, the next time you would like to submit a support requests or bug, please try and adhere to the rules/template provided here.

We get a very high number of bug reports and support requests every day, often for the same issue/site. This can cause confusion and potentially lead to a mix up of information - which is what just happened. Its certainly my fault for not asking one of the more important troubleshooting questions. However, I did just assist another user having a similar godaddy issue who was using Win10. The templates/guidelines are there to help-you-help-us by providing all the necessary information up front. Thank you.