GoDaddy Site Issue

When logging into either Office 365 or my GoDaddy hosting account, I get an error popup when authenticating.

“You browser is a little bit unusual.”
“Try disabling ad blockers and other extensions, enabling javascript, or using a differentr web browser.”

Probably this error

So, did you follow the steps, disabled adblocker like brave sheilds, allowed cookies, allowed scripts??

@fanboynz Same error was reported on HN and specifically for brave browser. It seems that brave is only affected right now.

Could someone test, the following into brave://adblock (logout first) and then save these rules. and then test @jcc5169 @chh_68, navigator.userAgent, ''), navigator.connection, {})

Nope it is not working. It also does not work with complete shields down.

I added your code., navigator.userAgent, ''), navigator.connection, {})

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