Gmail, Whatsapp web, Youtube

After new update, my Gmail white theme is black now.
Whatsapp web cant be connected to phone via QR code anymore.
YouTube notifications doesnt work.

Many more issues.

Open brave://components, find Brave Ad Block Updater and click on Check for update.

Regarding the rest of your issues, are you able to reproduce them in a private window with no extensions?

Same bugs in privacy mode, both brave 64-bit and 32-bit versions. (reinstalled few times)
Might be a windows 7 incompatibilty?

-every site shows wrong colors - dark/black
-unable to sync phone with Whatsappweb via QR (other browsers works fine)
-youtube notifiactions are OK now.

gmail white theme screenshot:

Thank you

I’m also a Windows 7 user, that shouldn’t be the reason for your issues.

Could you please create a fresh user profile for testing purposes? That will tell us whether the issues are related to your current user profile in some way.

Yes, but it will take some time.

That’s all right. Just make sure you don’t install and use any third-party extensions in the fresh user profile. We would like to see whether a clean user profile will have the same issues. Also, it’s very important to test with only the new user profile being active, close all windows from the old user profile (your current user profile).

Go to brave://settings/appearance and make sure that the Brave Colors is set to “Light”

If that doesn’t fix it, go to brave://flags/ and search for Force Dark Mode for Web Contents and select “Disabled” from the drop-down list.

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If brave://flags/#enable-force-dark was enabled, every website would have been forced into a dark mode.

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Finally I decided to uninstall Brave and clean all dust with systemNinja and make a clean installation of Brave. Everything works fine now, whatsapp mirroring included. Thanks for support.


Glad to hear your issues are gone, enjoy your browsing :wink:

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