Gmail Still Won't Load


I followed the instructions to load Gmail site per Google but it’s still not working. It’s suggested to allow all cookies which I have and still nothing.


Hi @LyndseyLynz. Have you tried disabling shields(Lion head on the far right top corner) and check if you are able to load?


Yes. It still doesn’t work.


same issue.
from it auto-redirect to
even tried on … menu to change shield setting to allow ads, allow all cookies, stop https everywhere, stop phishing


Got it - go to, remove the shield voila…


@LyndseyLynz Could you try the same step and check if it is working?


Personally, I’ve disabled all shields, but this didn’t helped.
I still can’t connect to GMail.


I did :slight_smile:
I dont understand why turning off shield completely (from the main menu) didnt do the job. However when I did it from the Lion icon (for site specifically) it worked

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