Gmail scrolling too sensitive

unable to scroll gmail using finger to drag the screen. upon releasing finger, it recognizes a tap and enters the selected email, even though i am simply trying to scroll down to see older email. once it enters the email, and upon backing out of (the wrong) email…. the screen quickly zooms back (scrolling itself) to the beginning… the top of the list… the newest emails…where i started and don’t need to be.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Just tested this on my end and don’t seem to have the same issue when scrolling through gmail on my Android device, but I’m not sure what device you’re using. Can you please tell me:

  • What kind of device you’re using?
  • What version of the OS it is?
  • Whether or not you see this behavior when you login to gmail in other browsers?

Thank you

i use a smaller screen, probably not an issue. i have the 2022 iphone SE running the latest OS 17.1.2.

i haven’t noticed this problem with any other browsers. i don’t want to log in to other browsers because my gmail account is key to a lot of my finance accounts and logins…… And every so often shows that my gmail password is being known online. somehow it is being found out. but i can’t imagine having this type of scrolling problem with other browsers.

I just opened safari and the gmail experience was normal there. So the problem seems to be with the Brave Browser.

Would it be possible for you to share a short screen recording of the behavior/way it scrolls so I can get a better idea of what might be going on?

Thank you

sure i’ll make a video of the effect. scrolling through the homepage of gmail is where the emails are located. while scrolling to the older emails, the finger touches the screen. upon releasing the finger to start another scrolling to go further down to the older emails the finger release is “read” as a tap. so it selects an email for me to enter into. i do not choose to enter into it. it does it automatically. then, when I back out of that email, the last point i was at is shown on the homepage of gmail (where the list of enails is) and then it automatically scrolls back to the top of the list. by going back to the top of the list it effectively removes my ability to scroll further down since it basically “erases” the save point. two things are happening that if either happened alone, I would be able to work around it. but, you want me to make a video to prove what is happening is actually happening. i will do that.

“Prove” is a strong word here as I do believe you :stuck_out_tongue:

However it is often very useful to be able to see the behavior directly. I’ve reached out to our iOS team to see if they can reproduce this on their end and will be logging an issue for this shortly. The screen recording would be great to have so that when devs. look at the issue they can quickly and easily see the exact behavior.

Thank you!

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