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I am on a Windows 10 running Brave, I would like to tell you the version but I cannot seem to find that info. I updated the browser the day of this posting.

I am having an issue using Gmail. See below. I am logged into two accounts and have at least three tabs open.

The process that led me to this problem is as follows.

I opened Brave Browser
Went to Gmail shortcut
Saw error screen from Google which said I need to allow cookies or clear cookie cache.
After clearing cookie cache I went to and logged in from the Google home page without issue.
I logged into both accounts.
The clip below is where I stopped and am at now.


So what exactly seems to be the problem?


Sorry if it wasn’t clear. I can’t access those emails. The emails don’t open when clicked on.


Is scriptblocking modules enabled? This may have been causing problems.


Also, do you have any add-on installed? because I do use brave for Gmail & luckily I haven’t faced such issues yet.

I Don’t use any third-party add-on. My settings on brave are default ones [except location/camera/mic, I’ve blocked them] & I ALWAYS use incognito mode no matter what. Haven’t faced major issues yet :slight_smile:



I’ll check the scriptblocking module and check the add-ons. Thank you for the advice!


Feel free to ping back on brave community! :smile:

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