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I have about 4 gmail accounts (school, work and other personal gmails ) usually connected. Right now I attempted to change password on Gmail-1, it says successful. Then it redirects me to Gmail-4. When I try to login to Gmail1- with the new password, it did not work. When I signed out of Gmail-4 and tried to get back on, it’s password did not work until I tried the new one that I had attempted for Gmail-1

I hope this makes sense

My system is a Mac OsX El Capitan v10.11.6

I dont know if its a keychain problem
Kindly look into this

Also, when I try to apply for jobs on Linkedin, the application window would not load. However, this works just fine on Chrome. An example is found on this job. (Hopefully you read this before the job is pulled down.



I have this exact same issue, If it can’t be resolved soon, I will be forced to stop using or recommending Brave until this is fixed. As is I am having to use an additional browser for e-mails, which has begin to get very annoying, this is an essential for me, and I otherwise love Brave and WANT to support it.


This issue is under investigation. We have an issue logged for the login problem with multiple Gmail accounts. You can track the issue here


This appears to have been going on for over a year. I ran into this after using Brave for less than a week on a Windows 10 machine. I have three gmail accounts and once used my second account getting logged in to the desired account became a real problem. This appears to be something that should get more attention than “needs investigation.”


I think the common solution now is to use the new session tabs to manage various google accounts.

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