Gmail mobile emails have no horizontal scrollbar?

Description of the issue: I prefer using Gmail mobile to check my email. I noticed recently that there is no horizontal scrollbar, so half the email often gets chopped off, see screenshot:

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.36.116

Mobile Device details Samsung Galaxy S10

Additional Information: I don’t know if this is a google issue but the horizontal scrollbar has been there before.

Does this happen for all emails or just taht specific sender? Additionally, scroll bar or not, can you tap and drag across the screen to view the content that is cut off?

It happens to any email when a header image or image link is wider than the screen will allow. No ability to tap or zoom, etc.

Looks like i can reproduce this as well. That said, I’m seeing the same behavior in Chrome as well which means it’s likely an issue with the latest Chromium. We’ll have to wait for an upstream fix for this, unfortunately.


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