Gmail doesn't work, passwords won't store, websites keep logging me out, etc


it’s been some time since I am experiencing this behavior of the Brave browser and I do not understand why. Multiple sites do not remember my stored login, gmail keeps logging me out, sometimes gmial does’t work at all and I must use other browser to do what I need. It just says too many redirects and to clear my cookies. When I clear cookies and refresh the site, nothing changes and the site doesnt work at all. Then I switch to Chromie/Opera/Edge and it works.

When I just try to enter this is the result (also when I try to enter my google account settings)


Is there any options in Brave to fix such things?
I am really tired of getting randomly logged off websites


Google and G-mail

Too many redirects


A guide for a variety of problems; but, scroll thru and study . . . while looking for “Passwords” . . . and see what settings you may need to adjust.

Use as a guide, for ideas, for getting to know the Brave Browser > Settings:

Some problems were solved.

Is there also any guide to solution to why my internet banking accounts don’t remember my PC and I always must click to remember this device? I am not sure how exactly this works and if this as anything to do with browser or other specifics. But it works with Chrome, just doesnt work with Brave

I have this issue, but it is due to my vpn and the IP address changing all the time. Which is okay with me because I know my vpn is working.

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