Gmail as of Aug 13 will not open in Standard mode, it forces HTML mode only on Brave Browser, please help!

^ this. Had the exact same symptoms, and had Gmail on a pinned tab. After closing it and going to, it worked as expected again. Thanks.

I have the same problem, here is what I did and it fixed.

brave://settings/ → Advance Settings → Reset settings

I’m personally get a freezing issue, it just hangs up and page crashes and asks for a re-load. Its also happening for Outlook, if thats any help - cant access either. Thanks

I had the same problem just now. After reading and trying a few suggestions in this thread, this is what worked for me.

I first tried opening gmail in a private window, that worked. So what I ended up doing was disabling javascript through brave shields, reloading, then re-enabled it and it still didnt work. After that I closed the tab, and opened gmail in a new tab, and it worked.

I am not sure if disabling javascript was necessary, but it was part of what made it work again for me.

There’s, actually, a simple solution:

  1. Open the Dev tools (Ctrl + Shift+ I);
  2. Navigate to the “Application” tab;
  3. Scroll down the left panel to the “Cache” section;
  4. Remove everything inside “Cache storage” and “Application Cache.”
  5. Have fun.

Same problem Gmail not recognized as supported rbowser
Brave is up to date

Version 1.28.105 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Didnt work for me sadly, crashes on the login page still :frowning:

*edit - seems to have started working! thanks very much

*re-edit - now freezing in the email section for Gmail (spinning load wheel and page unresponsive) - outlook seems to be responsive again

Well, probably you missed something. Could you please try to clean the “Cache” section in the same way again, and, ALSO, everything inside the “Storage” section to be sure nothing is stored locally.

Still not working sadly. Cleared Browsing cache, storage, cache storage and application cache - still crashing and getting a page unresponsive on gmail - other sites are working again. Thanks

Ok, it didn’t work for me either until I “unregistered” every service worker for the site.

Steps to unregister service workers:

  1. Open the devtools as mentioned in many posts above
  2. Go to the “Applications” Tab
  3. Select Service Worker
  4. You should see a list of service workers with blue links to View Network requests, Update and Unregister. — Click “Unregister”
  5. Follow this step for any and all service workers (this is if you have multiple gmail accounts)
  6. Do refresh didn’t immediately work for me, but it did work once I typed in the address bar.

PS: Service workers are magical scripts that help webapps perform more like native apps. They enable some really strong browser caching mechanisms, and I suspect the Service Workers didn’t sync propertly in a recent update.

Thanks for the write up. I couldn’t find any service workers for gmail, I removed any Youtube ones i could find (no other google ones). Then I reset all of the above, cache etc. Google in general is not logging in, so maybe a more specific problem with the accounts page? Access to account via Youtube didnt work, hangs. Thanks again.

I had the same issue for a few days and today I had the idea to change the User Agent, just in case Gmail doesn’t accept Brave anymore… Guess what ? It worked…
I use now a Chrome 90 / Win10 UA thanks to User-Agent Switcher and Manager extension.

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I am also baffled by why this is happening now, when I’ve used this browser for so long and no issues at all. It is my main browser and loved that about it

Resolution atleast on twitter was simplying log out and relogin to gmail.

Does this work?


It might have worked for that user in particular, but it’s far from the solution to this weird issue. I’ve asked users to clear absolutely everything (which as you understand includes logging out Gmail) and it wouldn’t work.

Worst case, I don’t think this is happening. But if google was targeting Brave specifically.

Does this help,,, navigator.brave) into brave://adblock then refresh gmail.

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Thanks! This recipe helped. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this will be helpful, but here is my experience:

I installed Brave a few days ago to replace Chrome (I also uninstalled Chrome).

I can log into my Gmail account fine… but the mobile phone (HTML) view is displayed.

Here is the sample URL when I log in and the HTML view is on the screen:

If I remove


And refresh the screen, then the regular view displays, and my URL looks like this:

This is the only fix I have found that works.


Thank you for sharing your solution. I’ll mention it in the post I’m trying to keep up to date regarding this weird Gmail issue.

Here we go:

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