GMail and Google News not displaying properly

Starting with the latest 2 Brave updates, GMail no longer displays the list of e-mail messages properly. There should be a square box near the left margin of each message row, allowing that message to be selected, but no box is there. Other icons near the upper right are also missing, such as the < > arrows that allow selecting a different range of messages in a long list.

When viewing a message, there should also be an icon at upper right that allows one to expand the text of all messages in a chain, but no such icon is present.

In Google News, the first batch of stories appears, but when there is a story category break, the rest of the story window is empty.

All of those features work properly in Firefox for me. They used to work fine in Brave until the latest 2 updates.

I currently use Version 1.18.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (x86_64) on MacOS Big Sur version 11.1.

Follow-up: evidently the problem has something to do with my VPN. If it’s disabled, Brave behaves normally. Still, when the VPN is active, Brave is the only browser that exhibits this problem behavior; Firefox and Safari all behave normally. Any insights would be welcome.

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Gmail and Google News have always worked properly here.

I am experiencing the same. I use PIA VPN service and am having the same issue with Google News. When I click on a story, the page fails to load in a new tab.

This started about first week of December.

Further follow-up: I also use PIA as my VPN. And, strangely, the weird behavior occurs only if I route my connection through certain PIA servers: e.g., Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Washington DC. If I route my traffic through other PIA servers (e.g., Denver or Las Vegas), the problem goes away. My current work-around is just to connect via PIA’s Denver server if I’m planning to use the trouble-prone Google applications.

So it seems to require: (1) using the Brave browser, (2) with the PIA VPN active, and (3) routing traffic through just certain PIA servers in Seattle and California. Change any one of those things and the problem goes away!

Still further follow-up: connecting to the VPN via Tunnelblick rather than via the PIA-supplied app also solves the problem. So Brave may not be the culprit. Anyway, using Tunnelblick is the easiest work-around I’ve found so far.

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