Gmail and FB keep requiring me to re-sign in manually on Brave

Hello, I’ve been using Brave ever since I heard about it on JRE for both my iPhone and Windows Laptop. It seems with FB and Gmail that they don’t recognize the Brave browser/device every few days, and I have to re-login with do 2FA. This does seem to happen less frequently on the iPhone. Thoughts? How can I get it stop? I update Brave every time it tells me to (so it seems every few weeks.)
I have screenshots of FB Login on from the same computer where it says “Other Devices” of “Chrome on Windows (It recognizes Brave as Chrome) on May 16, 2022
Chrome on Windows May 5, 2022
Chrome on Windows March 29, 2022
Chrome on Windows March 1, 2022”
All of these times were me from the same device, unless there is someone else who has the exact same access to my cell phone (extremely unlikely) and opens my 2FA app to get the numbers out of it for the temporary password. I have already verified that it was me every time who had been logging in, so I do not know how to allow it to recognize that it is me, after I tell it that it is me.

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