Gmail ads make it through the blocker

Google’s ads that appear in my Promotions tab of Gmail are making it through. These must be hard to identify as ads; while using Chrome I could block them for a couple days by specifying the web element with AdBlockPlus, but they’d be back again eventually.


I imagine it’ll be the same here in Brave since these ads are sent via gmail while logged into a Google service. If you click the “i” icon next to the “Ad” label, you have the option to block an advertiser.

Hope this helps!

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There are extensions that can do it, can’t see why Brave can’t natively

I don’t know if you liked the tab setup or not, but those ads don’t show when the mailbox is set to “Unread First”. Or at least i’ve never seen them!

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Are you sure this isn’t where the normal ads are blocked? Actually the above mentioned mails are not blockable, because they are displayed “as email”. Brave would have to interfere with your privacy, then search through the mails using an algorithm, and with a little luck “only” 4 of the 7 advertising mails will appear.

Your extension also has few users, which means that it is not successful enough to be used by the masses. The reason will probably be that in this case it does the same as any adblocker. The difference is that it only works on, every other adblocker just works on every page.

I don’t want to get into the whole thing.

Translated with

Sorry this is delayed, but I have only just started using Brave.

Ublock Origin blocks all the Gmail promotional Ads. I though that I had read somewhere that Brave ad blocking was somehow related to Ublock, but I may have got that wrong.