Global permissions


Websites can request permissions to see your location, access your webcam, register protocols, show you notifications etc. This comes with the option to Accept or Deny, and to ‘Remember this decision’. But there is no way to set this globally, for all future requests regardless of which domain. You can only set it per website, and every next website that requests the same permission will require you specify this again.

I don’t want to grant any website these permissions (sorry, not even your notifications). I hope to see a global setting for this, so it will be possible to block every request for permission automatically.

Edit: I think you should only be able to Deny all permissions globally, not Allow. Always Allow could obviously be very dangerous if websites are automatically granted permissions like opening external applications or registering protocols


I just installed on my desktop and have not yet looked for the global blocking. This is a good idea, so I’ll bump it up to ask the community if they have found the option hiding or if others are looking for this option.


This appears to be an old request but it is still relevant as I can’t find anywhere to do this. Please add a setting to Security Preferences to toggle “Always Deny” location access, notifications, protocol registration, etc!