Glitchy Broken Phone Accidentally Tipped Brave

So I have the Iphone XR and there is a known issue with the phone known as the “Ghost Touch”. If you are unfamiliar with this issue basically the phone will just start clicking anywhere on the screen and doing whatever it wants without anyone actually touhing the screen. My phone generously tipped Brave almost all of the BAT I had saved so far. Which isn’t much but still an entire months worth of BAT. I had 6 and my phone just loves brave so much that it decided to tip them 4 BAT. I was seeing if there was any type of fail safe for tip contribution or if there is any way to refund with an accidental tip. If I can get the tip back anyway from Brave I will GLADLY give them a tip but I literally looked down at my phone and it was already too late and the tip was already sent with a big Thank You from brave. Which honestly… there should be some better confirmation screens asking if you are sure you would like to tip with a passcode or something! Its a crypto currency I dont know any major crypto tokens or major wallets that would just allow single click transfers like this. Definitely something I believe Brave should work on as BAT goes forward in the age of crypto.

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